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What Is Psychotherapy?

This question is difficult to answer for many reasons, but it is important to say at the outset that in psychotherapy the CLIENT SETS THE AGENDA. That is, you will articulate the reasons you are pursuing therapy and your goals for therapy. Unlike using medication for psychological problems, psychotherapy requires an earnest effort on the part of the client to think before each session about what issues/goals need to be pursued. Please do not think that you will merely sit down and be told what to do; therapy relies on active participation from the client.

There are different types of psychotherapy and perhaps no two practitioners offer the same form of treatment. Thus, therapy is ART as well as SCIENCE. Psychotherapy is not simply coming to my office to complain about your problems. While I am happy to listen to complaints, the process of therapy is intended to help clients feel more confident and empowered to solve their problems. To assist clients in this regard, I will suggest solutions and strategies to deal with difficult persons and challenging situations. Yet, therapy is most beneficial when there is a “felt” change in oneself, a feeling of freedom from constraints or conditioning that one has acquired over the course of a lifetime. I love to see clients feeling ‘new’ or different in some profound and positive manner.

Typically, people come for therapy for one of two reasons: 1) support for a current stressful situation; 2) personal transformation. It is fine to come either reason, although I am particularly interested in personal transformation. Initially, it is most beneficial to meet on a weekly basis. As improvement is felt, we can discuss meeting less frequently or terminating treatment. think it is very important to discuss whether therapy is meeting your goals and whether you are benefitting as much as you hoped.

Please respect the appointment time you have been given and call 24 hours before if you cannot keep an appointment. Usually, if I have 24 hours’ notice, I can give the time to another person who would like it. A charge of $75 is assessed for cancellations/broken appointments with less than 24 hours’ notice and I have retained a collection agency for overdue bills. If there is an emergency or challenging weather conditions, you will not be charged. Yet, people break appointments for other reasons, such as working late, or having to pick up their children or pets, or simply forgetting. There are charges in these situations.

Lastly, please expect that there are times you may feel worse, not better, after leaving my office. These are likely to be your most productive therapy sessions. Therapy is not about coming to the office to feel better all the time. Gaining insights into destructive behaviors, breaking bad habits, and learning new skills is not necessarily fun or comfortable. Yet, it can be the most rewarding experience in your life if taken seriously. One more comment… please let us be truthful with each other. You will not benefit unless each of us can say the truth in any particular moment.

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