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Add a Spiritual Component to Psychotherapy

Freedom in Every Moment: Transcending the Struggles of Daily Life by Vincent J. Morello, Ph.D., and David F. O'Connell, Ph.D. was released in January 2017. The perfect companion for anyone who wants to add the spiritual component to their psychotherapy work, this book contains 22 'Spiritual Lessons' which anyone interested in pursuing a spiritual path is able to learn and practice. The lessons are based on the teachings of Great Masters from the East and the West and include methods for overcoming fear, dealing with suffering, solving problems, learning Meditation, discovering our true identity and other topics. Each chapter starts with a quotation by a sage or Master, a thorough examination of the quote, contemplation exercises, and practical activities designed to assist the reader in gaining mastery of the lesson. Relevant neuropsychological evidence is presented to document the effectiveness of the recommended exercises.

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