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ADHD Ins and Outs

If you have ADHD, you may not finish reading this section. Adults with ADHD struggle at work and at home. In the workplace, being on the computer might be such a big distraction that you feel you don't get much work accomplished and wish you could be more productive. You mean well, have great intentions, and are competent; yet, you secretly know you fritter away a lot of hours. You may have heard your partner say that having you for a spouse feels like having another child. You truly do not want to be a burden on him/her and try to do things yourself, but you get distracted and forget. As a parent, you quickly lose patience with your child, who also likely has ADHD, bark directives, and yell. After a while, your child tunes you out, causing you to feel you have no leverage as a parent.

Does this scenario describe you in a nutshell? If you are an adult it likely does. Individual and couple psychotherapycan completely rejuvenate your self-esteem, your performance at work, and the quality of your family life. Therapy can be enjoyable as well as educational. You can receive rapid relief in a handful of sessions; don't assume you need years of treatment. While medication certainly can improve your attention span and concentration, psychotherapy can help with other aspects of daily life such as organization, communication, division of tasks and responsibilities, procrastination, forgetfulness, and other areas. Psychotherapy also can help with the tendency to be emotionally over-reactive or thin-skinned, as many with ADHD lose their patience very quickly.

There are gifts that come with ADHD. You may be highly creative and enjoy using your hands. You may have more energy than many of your co-workers. You also have a delightful sense of humor that helps in social situations.

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